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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

How to make a lot of Ea Pucks in HUT

I will give 1000 pucks to anyone who clicks on 1 of the ads on the page
Just click it, refresh the site 3 times and send me an email to : I will buy any player for 1000 pucks from you.

Note: I'm also selling 20 000 pucks for 8$ (PayPal)
The easiest way to get pucks is obviously to buy packs using your microsoft points and sell those cards afterwards. The problem is that not everyone is willing to put real money into this game. So this method will allow you to accumulate anywhere between 2000 and 3000 pucks per day. This mean that you can get between 14 000 and 15 000 pucks per week while investing not more than 10 minutes per day and without playing a single game. What you need before you start is 5000 pucks. With these pucks you go ahead and buy a consumables pack from the store. The thing with these consumables packs is that you are sure to get your 5000 pucks back by selling the cards, but also half of the time you will be able to make at least 1000 pucks of profit. The magic behind this is that these packs give you 4 rare cards. For example you could get a 30 games contract, a +9 hands a +7def and a +2all. This is an average case scenario (Yes I get a +2 all at least a third of the time). Also, don't forget that this pack contains a total of 15 cards which means that you have 11 cards remaining that you sell at an average/minimum price of 200 pucks. This is an extra 2200 pucks. Note, in those 11 cards, I often get +4skt and +5sht and even +5skt, so this can increase the value of those 11 cards to 2500. If you follow my price evaluation for each card listed bellow, and you do the math you can see that in this example you would get 400 + 1200 + 700 + 2200 + 2200 = 6700. This is a profit of 1700 and you haven't even played a game! During a normal 12 hour day. I would buy a pack at noon, put the cards on sale for 6 hours. At 6 o'clock, most of the cards are sold and I buy a new pack which I put on sale for another 6 hours (until midnight). You can do this at any time of day, but try to avoid selling your cards past midnight.
Here is the breakdown of the average market price of training and contract cards (buy now prices):
Training:                                                   Contracts:
+7 chk : 600 pucks                                  25 games : 300 pucks
+7 def :  600 pucks                                  30 games : 400 pucks
+7 hnd:  900 pucks                                  35 games : 600 pucks
+7 sht :  1700 pucks                                40 games : 1500 pucks
+7 skt :  2100 pucks                                80 games : 22 000 pucks
+9 chk:  950 pucks
+9 def:   1100 pucks
+9 hnd:  1400 pucks
+9 sht:   2500 pucks
+9 skt:   3500 pucks
+2 all :   2300 pucks
+3 all:    5000-6000 pucks
+5 all:    13000 - 14000 pucks (I get a +5all in every 12-20 packs)
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